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Have you met many of your readers at book signings or through letters and email?

Yes! I love getting fan mail. Often, as a writer, you never know what your readers think of a book… you get critical reviews and sales figures, but none of that is the same as knowing you've made a person stay up all night reading, or helped them have a good cry, or really touched their life. The best part of this web site is the accessibility fans have to me via email. Please email me and tell me what you thought of the book you read! The letters come right to me, and I always answer.

How can I get a book signed by you, if you aren't touring near my home town?

I'm always happy to sign books for fans. Send your book, along with a self-addressed-stamped envelope and return postage, to Jodi Picoult, PO Box 508, Etna, NH 03750. Make sure you include a note stating how you'd like the book made out (i.e. To Susie, To Aunt Fran, Merry Christmas Darling…) International readers: you have to send AMERICAN currency that’s enough to cover the cost of shipping back the book – ask your postal office how much that will be, and make sure you specify whether you want it to come back via air, sea, land, snail. DO NOT SEND INTERNATIONAL MAIL VOUCHERS!!! (If you want a signed photo, send a pre-stamped self addressed 10x13 envelope to me, along with a note requesting the photo and how you’d like it signed.)

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