Jodi Picoult

Book scarves!

Buy now for yourself or a favorite friend, family member of fan of Jodi Picoult's writing

Wrap up with a good Book Scarf!

Let everyone know about your great taste in books —wrap a page from one of Jodi Picoult's best-selling novels around your neck! These infinity scarves will keep you looking & feeling both warm & intelligent. All net proceeds will be donated to charity.


Let everyone know about your great taste in books!

This Storiarts Book Scarf is created from American made, cream colored fabric, super soft 100% cotton jersey knit. It's about 63" in circumference and 12" wide. Fabric has been doubled over and sewn along the edge and at the center to create a thick, chunky, and moldable “page.”

Scarf photos & closeups

Hand-printed scarf details

  • Scarves are printed by hand and therefore there may be variances in the darkness of the text (just like an old book!). This is by design.
  • Each scarf weighs about 8oz.
  • Reference the pictures to read the included novel selection.
  • The ink has been heat set and will not wash out.
  • Each scarf comes with its own set of care instructions: Spot treat recommended or a gentle wash cycle in cool water. Hang or lay flat to dry. Iron ok and it is safe to iron on the print.
  • The fabric is of medium weight, similar to a t-shirt.
  • This is an infinity/round/circle scarf. The ends are connected.
  • The ink has a very slight texture to it.
  • All orders, except multi-unit orders, are shipped within poly bags that easily fit into most mailboxes.
  • Storiarts scarves are patent protected so you know you're getting an original, high quality Book Scarf.